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A Michigan native, Justin was drawn to the visual arts and photography at an early age.  While a camera was always in reach as a child, it wasn't until high school that his interest in photography became a career goal.


"I had an assignment in a visual communications class to develop a roll of black and white film and make a print in the dark room.  The film was shot during a short trip to the mountains of Vermont to visit my brother at school.  It was during that trip that I began to see photography differently, to see the subject matter in a different light.  It was transforming.  After watching my image magically appear in the darkroom I was hooked and never looked back.


The medium of photography is truly unique.  It captures a moment in time.  A fraction of a second, never to be repeated, preserved forever.  I love all types of photography and am inspired each day by the images that unfold around me. 


Whether it's photographing people and capturing the emotion they present, products where I have the ability to manipulate the lighting to their best effect, or landscapes showing the amazing world around us, I believe every photograph tells a story.  It's truly an honor to help bring my clients’ stories and visions to life.”


Justin resides in Southeast Michigan with his wife, children, two cats and one very large dog.  When not taking pictures he loves spending time with his family, the great outdoors, and woodworking. 

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